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A note from the artist. 
More about me.

I'll keep this brief, otherwise, I feel like you might find yourself down a rabbit hole about my love for nature.


I've wanted to create this space for a while, so I'll just bask in the newborn glow, like a plant seed tasting it's first sip of sunshine. 


I've spent quite a bit of time over the past couple years trying to figure out what I wanted to share with the world. While I realize this is my room to share my creations with the world, but I also want to share experiences that have shaped me up to this point in my life. Over a span of a few years, I traveled to many places and did things that I had never imagined or even heard of, especially as it relates to my career. I think it all boils down to my passion and desire to share my love for art, science, and nature with the world. 

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