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Welcome to my room. 

My name is Leandra, Lee for short. 


This is my room, my space, my tiny slice of the internet to share my rambling thoughts. 

I’m an Artist. An Environmental Scientist. An educator (and student of life). Some would even call me a mountaineer, but hiker and bird watcher works just fine.

Seasonal Lee is a collection of my art, my words, and experiences to share with those they resonate with.

Come in and let me give you the tour.




The Gallery 

First stop, 

'The Gallery' is home to some of my favorite creations. I've been exploring different mediums for the past couple years from colored pencil to acrylic paint and, most recently, digital illustration. 

Cosmic Queen

The thing about nature...

I feel most free in nature, surrounded by it's colors, shapes, songs and sounds, endless patterns, everything really.

But what I've enjoyed most over the past couple years is discovering all the ways the nature mirrors my Blackness. 

Outdoor Afro Collaborations 

I've had the amazing opportunity to design two outdoor gear items for Outdoor Afro's collaboration with Smartwool and ENO Hammocks. *Pinches self*

Learn more about my love for Outdoor Afro, my growth as a Black woman and leader in nature, and the stories behind these collaborations. 



About Me

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Thanks for visiting!

'Tis the season to be brave. 

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