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Digital Illustrations

Hello technology!

I’m glad to have taken the leap into digital media. This medium took some calibrating, pun intended. I’ve been learning to maneuver resolution, brushes, file type, paper - there are so many types of paper. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m having the time of my life.


Afros in the Sun[flower]

The moment an afro eclipses the sun, a sunflower is born. 
When I'm facing the sun,
the warmth kissing my skin,
I feel grounded -- rooted in place. 
Like a sunflower
Story time, inspired by real life. 
For the past couple years, I've been calling this story
The Belly of the Beast 

The moment I realized I was trapped in the belly of the beast with Lee, myself, and I. 

This illustration is a continuation of comics that I started in 2017. This series tells the story behind my battle with a giant sea monster metaphoric for deep, dark, depression. A lonely, sticky, did I say dark? It's dark there and cold. 

I enjoyed the process of digitizing this drawing that I originally created using watercolor pencils and paints. I found different texture brushes to play around with in order to create depth and bring to life the gooey, soft stomach that slowly digested me as I had an inner dialogue about how I had gotten there in the first place. 

I remember when I created the original comic, 'That Sinking Feeling', with Lee floating unsuspectingly in the middle of the ocean before being swallowed whole. I felt like I was drowning and lost in the middle of the ocean, too far to hear any warning calls and too checked out from reality to see the giant monster lurking below.

The isolating feeling of being trapped with my incessant thoughts all pointing the finger at the other, except for Ego, she didn't mind as much. 

Colored Pencils
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